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innovative slick UI HA/HP server powerful scientific friendly minimalism ahead-of-time
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Crypto Trading / Browser / React, Go, NATs
EMS Web Trading / Browser / BackboneJs, BLPAPI, RMQ
KNXMonitor.com / Node / Intelligent Building Debugger
Visual Portfolio / .Net / MultiFund Rebalancer, PreTrade Optimiser
Trader Desktop / WPF / performant OMS+EMS with a style
Genetic Programming on Trading Strategies / Java
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On the surface, the dream of components sounds great and cursory overviews of new projects also appear to be “a perfect fit”. But they never are. Reuse is hard. Parameterized reuse is even harder. And in the end, you’re left with all the complexity of a swiss army knife that does everything for no one at great cost and pain.

A million guys walk into a Silicon Valley bar. No one buys anything. Bar declared massive success, received 2 billion $ valuation.

“It’s important to spend more time trying to understand problems than defending solutions.”

The Third principle

When you think you’ve got the answer,
stop, step back, and rethink
how you can make it 3x simpler.

Internet if Things

As our capability (and impulse) to connect everything increases, we need designers and design methodologies to provide a human lens to better understand, interpret and pinpoint value from the data we are reaping. Connecting more end points and sensors to gather data for data’s sake produces simply more data - not more value. Data attains value when it creates insights into unforeseen opportunities or improves the lives of end users.

Your Job is to Live!

  • Your profession is to excel in whatever it is you enjoy doing.
  • Your career path is to grow taller, stronger, wiser and become a better human being.
  • Your ultimate desire in life is to be loved and cared for.
  • Your uncompromising principles to live by are to sleep well, eat hearty, exercise like crazy, work hard, and always remember to have fun.

Social media has become a place you broadcast the perfectly polished, well-thought out images and text of your life. It’s not about the real you; it’s about the you that you want your boss, your grandma and your future guru to see. So yea, social media is not anymore place for your peers —- it’s a place for your image.

“When you look back at yourself six months from today and don’t feel embarrassed by your naiveté, there’s a problem. That means you’re not learning, growing.” -Nathan

All that we touch

“We are not just tool makers, We are tool assimilators.” Specifically, as we use our brains to make tools, those tools become extensions of our bodies. A human brain operates by continually extending its concept of “body”, mentally assimilating ever more of the world to form a more powerful virtual body. Any that tool we craft or use becomes part of this extended body — a hammer, a piano, an automobile, a computer. As our brains create a mental map of each new tool, that tool becomes part of the brain’s ever extending reach, like another set of hands. Over time, whatever we can manipulate becomes absorbed into our brain’s virtual body, and all that we touch becomes us.

Be Positive

It is very easy that programming could build acutely negative mindset over time. Programmers always asking the question “what’s wrong with this?” Positive people are always focusing on “what’s good about this?”